What are the benefits of digital visitor management in Retail stores?

Retail stores are embracing technological advancements to enhance customer experiences and operational efficiency. One such innovation is digital visitor management systems, which have revolutionised the way retailers handle visitor interactions. Implementing digital visitor management systems in retail stores enhances customer experiences, strengthens security measures, and provides retailers with valuable insights for informed decision-making.   Streamlined […]

How digital platforms assist builders manage work flows to improve completion

In the fast-paced world of construction, builders are turning to digital platforms to revolutionise their project management processes. These platforms offer advanced tools that optimise workflows and contribute to improved project completion rates.   Digital platforms empower builders to optimise workflows, enhance transparency, and make data-driven decisions, resulting in improved project completion rates and client […]


VISTrak is pleased to announce the launch of Site360. Site360 replaces the current VISBuild application. The Site360s app is a multi-site management platform that is adaptable to any site application. Delivering uninterrupted insight across your operations, Site360 gives 100% accuracy on every person checking in and out of your sites, as well as their induction […]

WHS blueprint launched

To look after your workers and your business you should know the safety focus areas for building and construction. The recently launched SafeWork NSW Building & Construction WHS Blueprint is a good place to start.

Safety Hazards in Retail Stores

When people go shopping, they likely aren’t worried about getting hurt or becoming ill at their local supermarket, big-box electronics store or home improvement center.

Creating A Safe & Healthy Retail Environment (UK)

A retail store has numerous hazards that can lead to accident and injury if left unmanaged. Shop floors can become slippery in wet conditions, fixtures and fittings can deteriorate and stock must be replenished regularly, involving deliveries and packaging waste management. The nature of the varied roles and flexible working hours associated with retailing and […]