VISTrak is pleased to announce the launch of Site360. Site360 replaces the current VISBuild application. The Site360s app is a multi-site management platform that is adaptable to any site application.

Delivering uninterrupted insight across your operations, Site360 gives 100% accuracy on every person checking in and out of your sites, as well as their induction credentials and certifications.

By ensuring everyone visiting your sites are familiar with safety procedures and responsibilities, Site360 ensures the health and safety of your employees and visitors.

With one easy-to-use platform, you minimise the risk associated with visitors to your sites, optimise your sites’ performance, and you ensure the ongoing financial and operational viability of your business.


Language Packs

Because not everyone’s first language is English, Site360 now provide our platform with the ability for the user to select the language they are more comfortable with. We manage the translation from English to a preferred language, nothing for you to do. Current languages include Arabic, Simplified Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Hindi, Nepalese, and Bengalese with more coming.  

Seamless management and certification

Site360 provides seamless management and certification of every visitor to your sites. From cleaners and contractors to delivery drivers and suppliers – we give you 360° insight, while your visitors are onsite.

A specific multi-location platform

Site360 is an agile multi-site solution that supports different site dynamics and visitor expectations.

Suitable for ‘attended’ and ‘unattended’ sites, visitors sign in and out, receive alerts and notifications, and are fully accountable for their actions while they’re on your sites.

Real-time and multi-site data

Our online cloud administration center provides real-time and multi-site data on all visitors with critical visit information, certification tracking, notifications, alerts, hazard reporting, emergency evacuation, and contact details.

Live reporting

With live reporting by site, region, state, or national, your visitation data becomes a valuable tool in understanding your remote site management, supplier or contractor engagement, and visitor frequency and duration.

Easy and seamless digital experience

Site360 easily and seamlessly replaces legacy sign-in processes through its patented platform. Visitors check in and out of your locations via the Site360 application.

For more information please contact:

David Evans

+61 405 805 523     

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