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Designed to deliver effortless experiences to everyone who visits your sites.

The Software

Site360 is a cloud-based site optimisation platform, developed for the aged and assisted care sector.

Aged Care and Assisted Living facilities have a unique responsibility for the safety and welfare of their residents and visitors.

In a sector that’s so dependent on qualified and registered nurses, care and support staff, and casual and temporary maintenance contractors, it’s essential to have a system in place that welcomes contractors to sites and monitors their movements around different locations.

Often, visitors will have little or no onsite supervision, and potentially have no previous experience of being at that specific site or location.

In these multi-site and multi-visitor situations, Site360 is the perfect solution. Designed to provide effortless experiences to everyone who visits your sites, it delivers effective management, scheduling, task allocation, and certification of all your daily visitors, so you can optimise the performance of all care facilities.

Ensure their safety

The financial, reputational, and operational impact of having an accident onsite is too damaging, so you need to ensure the safe movement of care professionals, support staff, and maintenance and tradespeople around your different locations.

Visitor attendance data allows you to monitor how long people are spending on site, how they performed, and whether they had any issues while there.

By having better visibility around who’s onsite, you can ensure their health and safety, and the viability of your operations.

Manageability (control) of contractors

With more dependence on an itinerant workforce, the care sector needs a robust system in place to monitor and manage their operations, report on who’s done training, who has certification, and who’s completed check-ins.

Improve your contractor and supplier invoice verification and confirmation with accurate data.

Make multi-site visitor management easy and effective.

With a simple check in process visitors get instant access to operational health and safety guidelines, support tools, and functions to manage their time onsite.

Identify where you can improve performance

By gathering data from multiple sources, Site360 operates as a processing platform enabling you to take actionable insights and make better decisions from your data.

The insights delivered by Site360 allows you to make better decisions on where you need to invest to improve the performance of your sites to optimise people’s experiences.

This creates a more nimble, agile, and responsive organisation, which drives profitability and growth.

Regulation and compliance

With your health professionals, support staff, and maintenance people having a better understanding of their responsibilities and obligations while they’re in your different locations, they can be more responsible for their own actions.

This enables you to manage your regulation and compliance obligations with more certainty.

Site360 in Care

"With Site360 giving us an organisation-wide view, we’ve achieved very positive outcomes in how we manage the attendance of unaccompanied contractors, along with reporting, and invoice scrutiny and justification."

Aged Care

Industries we’ve excelled in

Site360 is a fully customisable platform that can be adapted for the needs of your industry.

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