Improving safety in aged care

How is digital visitor management helping aged care operators deliver safer sites?

Aged care facilities prioritise the safety and well-being of their residents and visitors. Embracing technological advancements has become crucial for improving security measures.

Digital visitor management systems have become indispensable tools for aged care operators, delivering safer sites, and providing peace of mind for residents, visitors, and staff alike.


Streamlined Visitor Registration:


Digital visitor management systems replace traditional paper-based sign-in processes, streamlining visitor registration. By using touchless check-in methods, such as QR codes or biometric identification, aged care operators can reduce unnecessary physical contact and maintain infection control measures. This not only enhances safety during pandemic situations but also expedites the visitor registration process, allowing staff to focus more on residents’ care and safety.


Real-time Monitoring and Reporting:


Digital visitor management systems provide real-time monitoring and reporting capabilities. Aged care operators can track the number of visitors on-site, their purpose of visit, and their duration of stay. This level of data visibility enables efficient emergency response and adherence to capacity limits. Any discrepancies or security concerns can be addressed promptly, ensuring the facility’s safety is consistently upheld.


Enhanced Security and Identification:


With digital visitor management, aged care operators can ensure accurate identification of visitors and staff. Integrated systems can cross-reference visitor details against relevant databases, highlighting any potential security risks. This proactive approach helps prevent unauthorised individuals from accessing the facility, safeguarding residents and staff from potential harm.


Integration with Health Screening:


Digital visitor management systems can be seamlessly integrated with health screening protocols. Visitors can complete health questionnaires or temperature checks upon arrival, reducing the risk of infectious diseases entering the facility. Automated screening processes help identify potential health risks and ensure only healthy visitors are granted access to the aged care site.


Visitor Tracking and Contact Tracing:


In the event of an outbreak or health-related incident, digital visitor management systems enable efficient contact tracing. Detailed records of visitors and their interactions within the facility can be accessed and analysed. This information assists health authorities in identifying potential exposure risks and implementing appropriate containment measures quickly.


Improved Resident and Family Experience:


Digital visitor management enhances the overall experience for residents and their families. Streamlined check-ins reduce waiting times, promoting a more welcoming atmosphere. Families gain peace of mind, knowing that the facility takes safety seriously and implements advanced security measures to protect their loved ones.


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