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1. What is Site360?
Site360 is an Online Cloud solution for mobile app and tablet offering end-to-end visitor management, certification and reporting solution for multi-site businesses, their field teams, suppliers, representatives and contractors when visiting sites.
Site360 provides enhanced notifications, alerts and task management. Site360’s online reporting solution provides critical real-time and historical visit data, enhancing communication, safety, security and compliance, allowing for businesses to make sound commercial decisions.
2. How does Site360 work for Businesses?
Multi-site businesses and businesses who manage field teams, suppliers, representatives and contractors that are registered with Site360 will have access to real-time and historical visit data through dynamic reporting, recording accurate check-in and check-out times and activity across all sites via app or kiosk tablet.
Your visitors will have digital e-forms and documents at their fingertips to provide specific reports all tied to a site location and task.
Site360’s interactive administration centre allows individuals within your hierarchical structure to easily view summary and detailed critical information including; visitor details, certifications, compliance tracking, tasks, visit and safety reporting as well as have the ability to initiate evacuations and send notifications to one or all visitors and companies upon and during check in.
3. How does Site360 work for Suppliers and Contractors?
Field teams, suppliers, representatives and contractors visiting sites in a work capacity may be asked by the company they work for, or by a multi-site company they visit, to use Site360 to check-in and check-out. You will need to create a Site360 profile after you have downloaded the app.
Site360’s digital visitor management solution is a safe and secure platform that records and stores your safety induction and accreditation details along with your visit history. Site360 improves communication and reporting for both you and the registered business and will only track on-site activity from the time you check-in to the time you check-out.
Site360 allows you to view communication and information, including PDFs, real-time alerts whilst on site, document and photograph safety related matters, action tasks and create site visit reports.
You can check in to any and all sites that are registered with Site360 . However, you can only check in to ONE site at a time and only when you are within location range.
Open the app and check-in when you arrive on site, make sure you don’t close the app completely. Feel free to minimise the app and use your phone as normal, and when you’re ready to leave the site make sure you check out. If the site you are visiting has poor WIFI reception, you can check in prior to walking through the site entry, as long as you are within range.
1. Why should I allow notifications?
Notifications may be sent to you whilst you are checked in to a site in case of an emergency or urgent safety communication.
2. Why should I allow camera access?
Allowing camera access will give you the ability to add your profile picture and take photos to add to site visit reports. Make sure your profile picture is similar to that of a passport grade.
3. Where is my app version?
Both the iOS and Android versions of the Site360 App will auto update depending on your phone settings. You can find the latest version in the Android Google Play and iOS App store. In the app you will find the current version located bottom left of the menu. Make sure you update the latest versions to optimise performance.
1. Can I complete my registration anywhere?
Yes, you can complete your “ONE-TIME” registration anywhere. As long as you are connected to WIFI or mobile data you do not need to be at a site to register. Your “ONE-TIME” registration will then allow you to check in to all registered company sites. You can then add and update accreditations as per different company requirements whenever required.
2. My company is not listed?
If you can’t see your company, scroll to the bottom of the list and select “Add Company”. Make sure you enter the full company name just in case there is another company out there with a similar name.
3. Do I need to provide my phone number and email address?
Yes, your email address and phone number are mandatory for registration. You can use your work or a personal email address, be sure to use the phone number that you have downloaded the app on. Either your email or phone number can then be used when logging into the app.
4. Why do I need a four-digit PIN?
Your four-digit PIN allows for quick login when used with your phone number or email. Your PIN only allows you to login as you! Make sure your PIN is not consecutive or the same numbers. If you ever have to reset your PIN (tap “I Forgot My PIN” on the login screen) and you can reset it to the same number, so you don’t have to keep remembering new PINs.
1. Can I see my profile from inside the app?
Yes. Please tap on “Show My ID” in the app menu. You don’t have to be logged into a site to view your profile.
2. Can I update my name, contact details or profile picture?
Yes. Firstly, make sure you are not logged in to a site. If so, log out first. Please tap on “Edit My Profile” in the app menu to update your profile details. You can update any of your profile fields, you will need to enter your PIN to confirm changes. If you update your phone number, you will receive a new SMS verification code required to confirm this change.
3. How do I add / update my safety induction card and accreditations?
Make sure you are logged out of a site first. In the menu, tap on “Edit My Profile”, scroll down and tap “Edit Accreditations”. Add the company associated to the accreditation by entering the code or accreditation number, the expiry date and a photo of the card itself. Tap the green +Add button to save. Each accreditation will be listed below so you can update, remove and add when required.
On the app login screen, tap “I forgot my PIN”, which is located under the blue Login button and follow the prompts.
Firstly, double check your phone number or email address and PIN are correctly entered.
If your details are correct, try resetting your PIN by tapping “I forgot my PIN” on the Login page and follow the prompts.
Double check you are at a site that is registered with Site360. If you are, and the site is not appearing on your screen, please try the following.
1. Check your app location settings is set to “While using App”.
3. Close app and open your phones maps app to identify where you are to reset your phone location. Reopen your Site360 App and try again.
Mobile devices remember data and information collected.
On rare occasions mobile devices may sometimes become conflicted with user or location data. To ‘reset’ the app please complete the following:
1. Press the app and hold down the until a menu box appears
2. Select ‘App Info’
3. Select ‘Storage’
4. Select ‘Clear Data’
5. Re-open the app, using your mobile phone number and PIN to log in.
iPhone iOS does not provide the function to ‘reset’ the app, as a result you will need to un-install and re-install
1. On the phone App screen, hold down the until a menu box appear.
2. Select ‘Delete App’
3. Select ‘Delete’
4. Open ‘App Store’ and search for the app by typing Site360
5. Select the app
6. Select ‘Install’
7. Once installed, open the app, using your mobile phone number and PIN to log in.
Still no luck? please email Site360 support at
For the app to work effectively and provide important and additional features such as urgent safety notifications whilst on site and auto checkout, the app needs to remain OPEN, however the app can be minimised so you can use your phone for all other functions. Do not close of swipe app off the screen.
If the app is closed, you will receive an automatic reminder to reopen the app whilst you are checked in on site.
Once you have left the site and have passed the “Geo-Fence”, the app will auto check you out. For this to occur you must ensure you have 2 setting enabled. Firstly, you need to ensure the app location services is set to WHILE USING APP, secondly the app is required to be either active or minimised (not closed).
Closing the app means location services is unable to be shared, resulting in the auto checkout feature not functioning correctly.
1. How much battery does the app use?
Depending on your phone model, the app uses approximately 4% of battery per hour when it uses foreground battery mode, in line with social platform apps (when you are actively using the app, taking photos, browsing or creating comments). However, once minimised, the app shifts to background battery mode, using less than 2% per hour.
2. How much data does the app use?
Data sent to and from the app is compressed and encrypted to minimise data usage. Expected data usage for moderate activity is less than 0.5 to 1mb per day. Moderate activity includes multiple check in and check outs, adding photos and creating comments.
Although this would be a rare occurrence, it may still happen. If the company you work for uses Site360 contact your company administrator.
However, if you are attending a site where the company is registered with Site360 please see a company representative to manually check you in.


  • You must login to the visitWOW app to ensure that we can keep you safe and account for everyone in case of an emergency.
  • Store / Site Managers use the app to send notifications to you about work tasks and safety hazards.
  • The app is also used to help with contact tracing if there is a COVID-19 positive case reported by one of our team members, visitors or customers when you were on site whilst checked into the app.
  • If you do not log in to the app we will not know if you have checked into or checked out from a site and you may not receive important messages as part of using the app.
Once you have checked out the app will not track your location. If you forget to check out the auto check out feature will be activated within 2.5 minutes from when you leave a site zone. Once you have checked out the app it will not check for your location unless you open the app and attempt to check in. If you do not check in, the app will not record your location. You will only be able to check in when you are within a designated site zone.
If you are unable to check in to the app using a mobile device you can ask one of the site team members on site to check you in manually. If you do this you will need to make sure that you also get checked out prior to your departure from the site so that we can quickly and accurately know who is on site.