Optimise your site performance by eliminating risk

360° insight - across all your operations.
Facilities Management
About Us

A cloud-based site optimisation platform for effortless engagement across your sites.

Delivering uninterrupted insight across your operations, Site360 gives 100% accuracy on every person checking in and out of your sites, as well as their training credentials and certifications.

By ensuring everyone visiting your sites are familiar with safety procedures and responsibilities, Site360 ensures the health and safety of your employees and visitors.

With one easy to use platform, you minimise the risk associated with visitors to your sites, you optimise your sites’ performance, and you ensure the ongoing financial and operational viability of your business.

How We Help

Innovative and user-friendly technology makes Site360 easy to use. The user interface delivers a great user experience enabling you to get valuable insights from every visitor.

With no hardware, site confusion, or replacement signage, Site360 can be deployed to every site within 24 hours.
With our simple to use and easy to customise apps, you enjoy effective management, scheduling, task allocation, and certification of all your daily visitors.

Site360 ensures the health, safety, and management of all your visitors, to optimise your site performance and minimise risk in your organisation.

Industries we excel in

Site360 is a fully customisable platform that can be adapted for the needs of your industry.
Retail Image

Site360 in Retail

An effective platform for managing logistics and maintaining accountability of your retail operations.

Site360 in Construction

Enable the safe movement of partners, contractors, and tradespeople around your different construction locations.

Site360 in Care

Ensure the safety, certification, and compliance of all your care and support staff, contractors, suppliers, and visitors to your care facilities.
The Software

Main features

Seamless management and certification

Site360 provides seamless management and certification of every visitor to your sites. From cleaners and contractors to delivery drivers and suppliers – we give you 360° insight, while your visitors are onsite.

A multiple location platform

Site360 is an agile multi-site solution that supports different site dynamics and visitor expectations.

Suitable for ‘attended’ and ‘unattended’ sites, visitors sign in and out, receive alerts and notifications, and are fully accountable for their actions while they’re on your sites.

Real-time and multi-site data

Our online cloud administration centre provides real-time and multi-site data on all visitors with critical visit information, certification tracking, notifications, alerts, hazard reporting, emergency evacuation, and contact details.

Live reporting
With live reporting by site, region, state or national, your visitation data becomes a valuable tool in understanding your remote site management, supplier or contractor engagement, and visitor frequency and duration.
Easy and seamless digital experience

Site360 easily and seamlessly replaces the traditional paper “visitors’ book” through its patented platform. Visitors check in and out of your locations via the Site360 application.

Client Testimonial

You wouldn’t let just anyone into your home. So why is your workplace any different?

Site360 has been developed because organisations need a robust system in place to manage their operations and ensure the safety and wellbeing of their visitors.

Without a reliable system in place, organisations raise their risk profile, which compromises the commercial viability of the entire organisation.